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A disease mainly carried by streamers somewhat similar to Ligma which took the life of fortnite streamer Ninja after he questioned it. Sugma instead infects people who believe in Ligma as many suggest

85% of humanity died of ligma for not believing it
15% of humanity died of sugma for believing ligma
sugma balls
i was diagnosed with sugma
by yeahbecusstuff July 24, 2018

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buy an empty mug
this mug is empty
by yeahbecusstuff July 24, 2018

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a person with no soul
you are such a tork

he was a tork

you are a tork
by yeahbecusstuff July 24, 2018

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howdediddlyitis is a rare disease where a human expresses themselves with unnecessarily long words. the most well known case is with a man known as Ned Flanders he has a severe case of howdediddlyitis which makes him use words such as howdediddly, neighborino and many others.

be sure to donate for a cure for howdediddlyitis thisjokewentonfortoolong.com

i'm sd because i can't use links
plz kill me howdediddlyitis
by yeahbecusstuff July 24, 2018

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A noun usually described as toxic, cancerous and retarded.

It is also the name of a game which can be described in the exact same way.

When one plays the game, he/she will feel intense pain and will quickly lose all of their braincells, it is addictive much like how smashing your head against the wall is.

Those who go within 30,000 miles of a "Fortniter" (sometimes known as a "clinically insane neanderthal who believes the earth is a doughnut" or a "stupid, toxic, radioactive monster from the burning pits of hell") will get poisoned and will either be forced to suffer playing fortnite forever or be forced to hate on the pathetic excuse for a game.
"I'm sorry but you seem to have Fortnite syndrome, and your IQ has dropped drastically"
via giphy
by yeahbecusstuff January 20, 2019

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an ugly monstrosity

this is mainly to mock people who can't write cute correctly as they are both pronounced the same
eeee it's so cyoot

you are the cyootest thing ever
by yeahbecusstuff July 24, 2018

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