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BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), is a popular K-POP boy band consisting of 7 members, formed by Bighit Entertainment. The group was created first in 2013. They call their fans ARMYs.

Kim Namjoon - Rapmonster (Rapping)
Kim Seokjin - Jin (Vocals)
Min Yoongi - Suga(Rapping)
Jung Hoseok - J-Hope (Rapping)
Park Jimin - Jimin (Vocals)
Kim Taehyung - V (Vocals)
Jeon Jungkook - Jungkook (Vocals)
Army #1: Has BTS released a new album yet?
Army #2: Dude! Sonyeondan released Love Yourself back in September!
by xSlxshii December 10, 2017
A person that complains about an action, or verb, that the person does, too.
Person A: Stop spamming!
Person B: Calm down, damn hypocrite. You spam, too, so, you're even.
by xSlxshii April 13, 2017
A person who doesn't do their work and focuses on other bullshit that make them have an unsuccessful life.
Person A: Why aren't you working?
Person B: I don't wanna work, I just wanna play My Talking Tom.
Person A: You're fired, hoe. I don't accept slackers in this business.
by xSlxshii April 13, 2017
A person that doesn't understand the knowledge of a Rubik's Cube.
Non Cuber Encounter Examples!

Non-Cuber: Is that a 10x10?
Cuber: No, it's an 11x11, non cuber.

Non-Cuber: Woah, is that a 4 cube?
Cuber: It's a 2x2, dumbass.

Non-Cuber: I have a friend that can solve that in 3 seconds
Cuber: Go die.

Non-Cuber: 2X2's are easy!
Cuber: *scrambles* Give it a shot.
Non-Cuber: *Looks at cube* Cheater!

Cuber: *pulls out lube*
Non-Cuber: is dat milk?

Non-Cuber: I just peel off the stickers

Non-Cuber: Just take it apart and put it back together!

Non-Cuber: Just use a rubik's brand

Non-Cuber: Can't you just get that at a dollar store?
by xSlxshii May 7, 2017
- A Minecraft player.
- A Minecraft server, which has thousands of players online constantly playing several different minigames.
“Hey dude, wanna play Hypixel? We can play something like Skywars or Mini Walls.”
by xSlxshii July 14, 2018