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even funnier than laughing your ass off,is laughing like a hyena,the most famous of all laffers.
The funniest thing you ever heard,you couldn't stop laughing,you were LLAH.
by woodpile February 08, 2010
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Q: What do you call a clean idiot?
A: Soap on a dope.

Llah you're fucking stupid
by Amosc:theo_357 January 06, 2017
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Love, Lust, And Hate. A weaker version of LLHD
I wanna llah yu up!
I wanna llah myself
I llah yu...
I llah myself... i'm autosexual
I don't llah anyone... i'm a eunnuch :)
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"love, lust, and hate"

Usually used to mean mixed or confused feelings toward someone. It often connotates a meaning in which a person who may dislike their friend is also sexually attracted to them.
*I llah her.
*My llah for the he-she is unreal.
*I told the he-she that I llah'd it.
*Llahing is a horrible feeling.
*That is so llah-ish, i'm sexy for you.
by Oliverthesexylegobrick March 22, 2008
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