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A useless person, most commonly male, who whines like a bitch every time something doesn't go their way. (Not to be confused with a Bitch who is just a female that acts the same)

2.) A person, who has a negative, often unwarranted opinion about anything or everything presented to them.

3.) A guy who is such a pussy even girls bust his balls (assuming he has any, doubtful.)

Defining features of a bitch ass are feelings of self entitlement, inability to cope with daily life, pathetic attemps to gain others sympathy, constantly dwelling on negative thoughts, and the amazing ability to bring down everyone around them.
bitch ass
by wolf15668 September 01, 2013

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A shit,faggot group with teenage girl fans who finger themselves and have nothing better to do in life than listen to shitty music,THEY'RE NOT A FUCKING BAND,THEY'RE A FUCKING GROUP,GET IT RIGHT YOU RETARDS. If you want good music,fucking listen to evanescence. thankfully these fags will be forgotten in 1 or 2 years and replaced with some other mainstream bullshit.
dumbfuck: "OMG One Direction are the best I love them!"

Me: "They're ugly faggots with shit music,they don't care about their fans,they just want fucking money."
by wolf15668 August 19, 2013

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The biggest insult to people who appreciate music.
What the fuck is this shit on the Top 40 station? Each and every song sounds exactly the same.
by wolf15668 October 11, 2013

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Slapdick,Someone who doesn't know what the hell they're doing and proceeds to fuck up
what in the hell where you thinking you slapdick!
by wolf15668 October 10, 2013

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A small child (or sometimes adult) that tells when others are "doing something bad", much to the annoyance of everyone around them. Often earn themselves unflattering titles.
nicole (Asshole): Teacher! Bobby's out of his seat!

Bobby: Ugh, nicole is such a tattle tale.
by wolf15668 October 18, 2013

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National Republican Bullshit Network. Watched by ignorant, gun-toting,

flag-waving ultra-nationalistic right-wing Christian fundamentalists who think

George Bush is the new fucking Messiah or something.basically, the scum of

American society who, if they had their way, would turn America in a fucking fascistic

police state in order to feel safe from the "terrorists" (aka: "brown people").
Fox News is only good for laughing at the bullshit those worthless Republicans

like to spew. If you want a real source of news, go the independent route.
by wolf15668 November 03, 2013

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A made-up age group, ranging from about 8 to early teens, used by parents to justify why they are allowing their prepubescent daughters to dress and behave like sluts.
*: "Why is your nine-year-old wearing a midriff top, low-rise jeans, and eight pounds of eyeshadow and lipstick?"

Girl's mother: (taking a long drink of boxed wine and shrugging) "Why not? She's a tween!"

*: "She also has a tramp stamp."

Girl's mother: "I believe I just said she was a tween."

*: "I think she's sexting a college student."

Girl's mother: "TWEEN!"
by wolf15668 September 01, 2013

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