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Someone who wishes they were dead.
Suicidal feelings are common and can last for any amount of time, and vary from mild to extreme.
Suicide attempts may or may not be actually carried out by someone who is suicidal.
Mildly Suicidal:
Person 1: I just got an F on my math test and my girlfriend dumped me. My life sucks. I want to die.
Person 2: OMG don't kill yourself!
Person 1: What?! I would never kill myself.

Extremely Suicidal:
Person 1: There is nothing in my life that is good anymore. Everything makes me sad. I haven't been happy in such a long time. I don't even want anything out of life anymore. I'm going to kill myself.
Person 2: Nooo!
by whatwhatwhat77 May 29, 2012

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A school's way of forcing students to dress to:
1. reduce the risk of teachers getting the urge to molest them.
2. reduce the number of ugly butt-cheek exposures.
*Students talking* Dude, did you hear Suzie got raped by Mr. Smith?
Principal: Oh gosh darn it, I hear she wasn't in dress code again.
by whatwhatwhat77 March 04, 2012

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A chemical brain disorder that causes one to worry about everything, even things they don't particularly care about. Also causes one to not be able to relax properly. Most people do not take this disorder seriously, even though it is very serious and can cause a lot of problems in a sufferer's life.
Me: I have to tell you something.. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and it's ruining my life.
Friend: Oh. So what'd you buy Suzie for her Birthday?
Me: Uh I just told you I have a fucking anxiety disorder.
Friend: Yeah, I worry about stuff a lot too. So anyway about the party?
Me: -_-
by whatwhatwhat77 March 04, 2012

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1. A person who smokes marijuana in order to feel more in touch with God.
2. A person who believes in God and smokes marijuana to the point of being high at least 10% of the time.
Priest: Thy sin-ith! Thy use-ith thy mind-altering-substance-ith!
Christian Stoner: I'm altering my mind so I can accept the spirit of the good Lord. It even says in the Bible that marijuana is the weed of God.
by whatwhatwhat77 March 01, 2012

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Acronym for You Only Live Once. Mainly used to defend doing something ranging from mild to extreme stupidity.
Mild stupidity:

Friend: Dude, you probably shouldn't smoke that joint you found on the ground.
Me: Fuck it, YOLO.
Extreme stupidity:
Friend: Dude, you probably shouldn't be posting random definitions on urbandictionary while you're stoned.
Me: Fuck it, YOLO.
by whatwhatwhat77 February 25, 2012

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A person who has similar symptoms to that of an Only Child but is not necessarily an only child. Generally they are quiet, sensible and mature for their age, serious, kind, shy and slightly awkward, and don't get bored easily. This condition typically onsets in adolescence. It is difficult to imagine an only-child type living and interacting with a sibling, even if they do actually have a sibling.
1. "No way, dude, Emily has a sister? She's such an only-child type though!"
2. "Yeah, I knew you didn't have any siblings, you're an only-child type."
by whatwhatwhat77 March 21, 2012

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Something that either everyone is, or no one is.
Person 1: You're crazy because you hear voices that aren't there.
Person 2: Psh, well you're crazy because you read stories about alien sex!
Genius: Everyone in this world is somewhat crazy. The people who seem the most sane are really the most crazy because they are so crazy they don't know they are crazy.
by whatwhatwhat77 May 19, 2012

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