Basic, average, pathetic, lame, stupid, boring
Max: I was with this girl the other day and she only wanted to talk about shoes.

Jake: Ugh she's sounds so mild.
by Rad.s April 26, 2017
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(n.) dad i'd like to mom; in other words you would like to get on him; see dilf/milf for futher explination
Damn, he is a very fine mild!!
by lele November 25, 2004
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cool, calm, boring, lame
very unplesant
That girl is mild, she doesn't want to do anything.
by Abbey and Ty January 24, 2008
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Mom I'd Like to Drill. A variation off of the more popular (and now far too commonplace) MILF. Thus, one can use this term and not be worried about said MILD overhearing.
Damn, Markie's mom is fuckin' MILD!
by Hunter January 6, 2005
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when someone places a mint in their mouth, and proceeds to suck a penis. named after the the marlboro cigarette.
that bitch gave me a mild yesterday, and although my dick be mad enflamed and shit, it smells like a professional.
by miguelcrush May 8, 2007
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Those chicks are defiantly mild.
by Toxic540 September 24, 2005
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