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1. People who just come to look.
2. People who go out of their way to look at people or something often causing crowds and more disruption.
3. People who enjoy staring at watching other peoples misfortune. Oftentimes car onlookers to car accidents.
Same as Looky Lou; often spelled as Looky-loo (hyphen) or lookylou
In L.A. usually the lookyloo's cause more accidents by not paying full attention to what is ahead of them.
by westsan December 12, 2008
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1. People who go out in public just to see an event that doesn't really concern them -- such as rushing to the site of a fire, or collecting home-improvement ideas for their own house while mooching a free open-house tour.

2. The guy whose goal is to sneak a peek at your dick when you're at the urinal -- or tries to.

3. Ellen DeGeneres' nickname for the "Telestrator" -- the device that allows a sportscaster or other user to digitally "mark" a c.g.i.'ed stripe or streak on a saved visual image, such as a football play seen from above. Any digital image can be embellished with anything schematic that a whiteboard and dry markers would show: combined with X's and O's to show standard football play configurations, for example. Ellen likes to use hers to post-mortem social interactions, such as a guest on her show who was heading in for a handshake but suddenly diverged to steal a kiss on the cheek.

1. "Retail sales are so far off that on an average day, the mall has ten times more looky-loos than real shoppers."

2. "See the man in the gray windbreaker? He's a menace, King (or is it 'Queen'?) of the men's room looky-loos."

3. "The sportscaster used the looky-loo (Telestrator) to superimpose his own diagram of the play on a video freeze, and to indicate how it failed (succeeded)."
by al-in-chgo February 28, 2010
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Noun: A worthless poor person that can’t participate in expensive hobbies
“I hate going ice-fishing, because all the looky-loo’s that can’t afford boats are out on the lake.”
by p1@typu5 September 25, 2020
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