7 definitions by weirdo

When someone asks you how you are, its the standard reply when you are annoyed/angry/upset/etc and don't want to tell them, or don't want to explain why.
Jim: How are you?
John: pfft, you?
by weirdo February 05, 2005
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The most underappreciated, but overall best, civ in the RTS game Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion pack.
Gaia's lush makes it impossible for the enemy to conquer your base!!
by weirdo October 03, 2004
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To beat relentlessly with a fish, usually with a large trout or tuna
That dude was pissing me off, so I FISHSLAPPED him with a tuna.
by weirdo June 27, 2003
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Track-suited baseball-cap wearing intellectually challenged knacker (usually from Dublin) who thinks he's a hard man. Usually hang around in groups of 4 or more on street corners at 2am.
tom-thebox from #boards.ie
by weirdo November 28, 2003
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