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in theory: a community store used to provide clothes, ect. for the unfortunate.
in reality: a place where upper middle class children pretend that they are poor by buying ripped jeans and nasty t-shirts.
let's go to goodwill
by wearmelikesilk April 17, 2006

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1) a lifestyle mostly found in the Northeast, with a certain clothing style (see below) and traditionally associated with old families with money-WASPS, the kind of people who have mansions on the maine coast, prepratory schools, ect. not everyone who wears A & F is preppy-it's all about the name, where you go to school, and family connections. preppy is a lifestyle and can NEVER go out of fashion. those who say that preppies are brats and sluts most likely have come into contact with wannabe preppies who frequent abercrombie and fitch.
2) a clothing style including popped collars, polos, clean cut men, cardigans worn around shoulders, and belts. the look tends to be classic whether it is in or not, with headbands, pearls, bracelets, all pulling the look together. A & F favors polos, monogrammed tees, ect. but other stores that preppies shop at are ralph lauren, l.l.bean, lacoste, and petit bateau, but not always abercrombie and fitch, hollister, and guess. they do not lean toward being slutty typically, like i said they are conservative, buttoned down, and well dressed.
preppy! aihsnzxzcj iadsunhfi candy eyeshadow
by wearmelikesilk March 02, 2006

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a trendy store mostly patronized by upper middle class white kids. flimsy shirts, ect. made by some some sweatshop worker in the phillipines abound there and cost twenty dollars at the minimum. recently critics have claimed that a&f only employs all american looking people (white, pretty) and that they sell kid thongs.
abercrombie and fitch is weird; a better alternative is delias.
by wearmelikesilk February 22, 2006

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1) a geometric term
2) a type of shoes, Chuck Taylors, that used to be popular in the 80's. Are now having a revival, except that Nike bought the company and the only people who wear them are people who realize that this is the latest trend. People write stuff on the rubber parts, and some are made all colorful and printed. Little do these people know that Chucks are made by poor people in sweatshops in Taiwan. Losers.
oh my god, i just got a new pair of converse yesterday for like 88 dollars, they're all pink and sparkly! Let's draw smiley faces in permanent marker on them! So fab.
by wearmelikesilk April 10, 2006

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n. a v small, rich town in eastern massachusetts about 45 minutes from boston. it is an ugly town with a good school system filled with rich jewish kids and almost no black people. highlights: the library is actually pretty sweet. lowligh: as a youth of sudbury, i know it is impossible to get anywhere without a car. the moral of the story is, parents, please do not move there.
sudbury is a toilet bowl with a good school system
by wearmelikesilk February 21, 2006

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