a country in asia,it is a series of islands in the pacific.the capital is Manila and the languge they use is tagalog.
The phillipines is a beautiful country.
by Alexa corsova July 10, 2005
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“Omg I met Phillipine yesterday! He’s so amazing.”
by The universal truth April 24, 2021
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This is a person of both Phillipino and Mexican descent.
We all have this friend that is a Phillipine Bean. You know because sometimes they look Phillipino and sometimes they look Mexican. It's mind altering once you notice the difference. You'll also no longer question why they have two last names. If these two countries joined forces the world might be in trouble.
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 4, 2016
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When someone starts to freak out for no apparent reason, while everyone else around them is calm.
dude, did you see that kid phillipin out?
by d-nice yo March 2, 2009
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It’s “Philippines” ya fucken’ dumb cunt get it right
“You’re from the phillipines?”
“It’s Philippines, dude.”
Oh so you’re phillipinian?”
by Niromani May 27, 2023
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