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An accent found in the Northeast part of the country. Often put in the category of the Boston accent. IT'S NOT!!!

Depending on where your from in Rhode Island, the accent differs. If your from Johnston, Cranston, north providence, Scituate you will have an almost New York accent due to the high amount of Italians and strong mafia ties.

EX: tree=three, true=through, yous=you all, stahp=stop, yeeaaa=yes, uge=huge

If your from any other part, you will either have a Boston like accent or a neutral accent. Rhode Islanders are known for having the highest percentage of Italians in the country.

They are also known for having one of the most powerful former mafia bosses in history, Raymond L.S. Patriarca.
RI: ayy how ya doin. I'm Nicki Russo. I like gold chains and Frank Sinatra.
Non RI: Are you from New York?
RI: New Yawk? No, that's just my Rhode Island accent!
by Dr.jackson 5 June 07, 2013
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