A person who preforms manual labor in the oilfields, typically in a drilling capacity. Can be onshore or offshore. Personnel who work in the oilfields but are not involved with drilling are not true roughnecks. Roughnecks are know for their perverted sense of humor, frequent cussing, high pay, and as being some of the hardest working folks you'll ever know. Roughnecks can be oilfield-trash but not all of them are.
Look at those Roughnecks over yonder trippin' that string. Look at those boys go!
by westtexaswildcatter January 9, 2012
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Most commonly known as a member of the crew of an oil rig other than the driller. It can also mean cruel and brutal person.
Toby Keith used to be a roughneck, his father was also one.
by Swarsfanatic June 1, 2005
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n. a construction worker, driller, miner, or roofer, from working outside in the sun, and because they often fit the definition given above.
by wayfarer May 5, 2005
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Usually a younger guy that works on an Oil Drilling Rig, makes more $$$ than a starting Physician, Lawyer, or Engineer working half the year and blow it all. They’re easily spotted because they instantly “Ball” with a new lifted truck and then other shit like a side by side, jet ski, dirt bikes ect. They blow through thousands till oil takes a shit and get laid off. The most popular Roughneck line is “Please God just one more boom!! I promise I’ll save it this time!!” But it never happens..
Truck Slut Andrea: Damn Nichole look at that Roughneck and his sexy Duramax!! I’d love to fuck him tonight 🤤

Truck Slut Nichole: Oh Fuck off Nichole!! Either I’m riding him tonight or we both are!
by Vag Pounder0873 October 3, 2019
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An uncouth, low IQ, blue-collar worker making more money than the average starting physician, lawyer, or engineer, yet nothing to show for it, unless it's a monster truck or double-wide trailer because they spend most of their money on booze and women. Most of them live on the Texas or Louisiana coast and Alaska's Mat-Su Valley when they aren't working. Roughneck women that work in those oilfield environments often have a chip on their shoulder and distrust or dislike of men that are kind, intelligent, or courteous.
by waspcoloredstain June 6, 2013
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A half city half country boy/girl. Could be he/she started in the city and ended in the country or vice versa. These special breed of people have both redneck and city qualities
You hear of that boy from California he seems to have gotten in with the rednecks here... he is a roughneck in the making
by Ogjw11 October 30, 2018
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a hoodlum, a streetwise toughguy, typically from a heavily industrialized area. Roughnecks usually have a chip on their shoulder the size of Arkansas.
Those Pawtucket Roughnecks are always looking for a fight.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 1, 2005
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