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Dark SideRG=DarkSide Release Group
by warezscene April 14, 2009
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british slang for "change"
used in the movie "A Clockwork Orange"
Homeless Person: "can you spare some cutter, me brothers?"
by warezscene May 08, 2009
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to take your shirt and put it over someones face.
guy puts his shirt over friends face, "you got shirted!"
friend: "damn, shirting sucks azz"
by warezscene March 27, 2009
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To browse 4chan, and scrap all the images that appeal to you
guy 1 "I was on 4chan in /h/ and was 4scraping everything"

guy 2 "uh cool"
by warezscene March 08, 2009
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means "give away"
guy "im gonna ga all my pr0n on 4chan"
by warezscene March 20, 2009
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an upload of a file to a torrent tracker
pretime: torrent uploaded 1 minute 44 seconds after pre
by warezscene January 18, 2009
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