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short for 'rules of engagment', directives issued by competent military authority which denote circumstances and limitations in which its forces can initiate or continue combat engagement with other forces encountered.
standard ROE for this mission - do not fire unless fired upon.
by vodka June 3, 2004
a safe, and almost cute bastardization of 'mofo', or 'motherfucker'. between friends, it can be used as a term of endearment.
a) how bout i blast yo ass, mofugger?

b) heey, how's it goin mofugger? havn't seen you in a while.
by vodka June 3, 2004
The idea that combined parts have properties that are more or less that the sum of the parts. The negative-sum version is sometimes called dysergy, leaving synergy to mean only beneficial effects.
the drugs worked in synergy with each other to fight the cancer. heh. cancer.
by vodka June 3, 2004
Respective rating used to report ballpark signal strength and clarity of a transmission. So a 5 by 1 means a strong signal is present, but what is saying cannot be understood. 1 by 5 means you can understand them, but a signal is barely coming in. 5 by 5 is ideal for both counts.

Can also be used nowadays to mean one is doing well.
Ex. A) – command to alpha2IC, do you read?
-command this is alpha2IC, I got you 5 by 5.

b) How’s it going?
I’m 5 by 5.
by vodka June 2, 2004
1) Energetic dance-game (sometimes considered a sexual act) conceived by a group of thespians in a summer acting camp at UC Berkeley. Involves an outer circle of 25-30 people and an inner circle of about 10 people. The dance is started with the counter-clockwise movement of the inner circle, and the singing or yelling of the following lyrics:

Ride that pony, ride around
That big fat pony
Ride that pony
This is how we do it!"

Following these lyrics the people in the inner circle move to the nearest person on the outer circle and perform a dance facing the person, facing away from the person, and then to the side of the person (sometimes similer to freaking). The lyrics for this part of the dance are as follows:

"Front to front to front, my baby
Back to back to back, my baby,
Side to side to side, my baby,

Then the person who has recieved the dance proceeds to the inner circle and restarts the game//dance//sexual act.

Usually participates are very darbee.
"Dude, the closest thing to an orgy we'll ever get here is Ride That Pony. Go with it."
by vodka December 8, 2004
A electronic music duo consisting of two frenchmen with sweet as fuck masks
Did you hear that new Daft Punk song?
by vodka November 10, 2012
1. The word that is equivilant to the power of god. Detta orginated from eastern roots (russian, lebanese, indian) and is commonly used instead of "hey" in many rural areas of belgium.

2. Word meaning an orgasm of happiness. Should be said with a hand gesture by which you raise both of you hands to ur waist level and make a sort of cup with a closed fist.
MR. Z - "Man did u see Sanya today,,, FINE"
Kunaal - "Detta!"
by vodka March 7, 2005