verb. (derogatory)

1. decisively beaten.
2. humiliating defeat.
3. to be shown up.
4. being owned.
5. to get spanked.

Etymology: derived from schooled - to be taught a lesson. It is purposely misspelled to make it's derisive nature/usage understood.
Man, if you gonna talk smack you better bring or you'll get skooled.

If you ever find yourself being skooled, best not bitch about it. Doing so makes you look like a tool.
by TranceaddicT March 12, 2014
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to dicipline, punish, or teach one a lesson. typically condescending in nature. also frequently used to taunt others online, but usage is similar.

note. in these instances, it must be used as a verb.
1)imma skool that mofo for messing with me.

2) haha d00d u got skooled in deathmatch
by vodka June 2, 2004
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A different way to spell school. This spelling is for the idiots that dropped out of "skool"
I hate "skool."
by Apul January 29, 2003
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How they spell 'school' on Invader Zim. The school has the word 'SKOOL' in large letters upon its roof.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 18, 2003
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a place that you dont need to go, all you need is an eight ball and some beer
by nuttin September 9, 2003
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i hate skool.
skool sux.
by mumpy December 10, 2004
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