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To twist facts and reality in order to blame President Obama for all the wrongs in the world...whether the wrong is actual, perceived, or imaginary. Just like Jane Hamsher does.
"Wait...Kevin dropped his ice cream, and he's blaming Obama?" "Yeah, he's Gone Hamsher
by vdaze June 17, 2011

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Someone incapable of understanding and / or using Twitter.
Bob isn't on Twitter, dude is twitilliterate.
by VDaze December 13, 2009

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A pundidiot is a TV pundit (or "talking head") - usually of the political variety - who is either breathtakingly stupid, ill-informed, or so blinded by ideology that they just sound like total idiots.

Also, it's the *correct* portmanteau for pundit + idiot.
Did you see Jane Hamsher on MSNBC? She's a total pundidiot.
by vdaze June 03, 2011

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A fake controversy ginned up by a political party and / or the mainstream media for the purposes of distracting the public from real news.
OMGOMGOMG, did you hear about the latest TSA fauxtroversy on Fox News?!?!
by VDaze November 23, 2010

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