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Can you imagine what Bescumber means? I tried really hard but, couldn't.

It means in its exact definition (I take no credit for it): bescumber is just one of many words in the English language that basically mean “to spray with poo”. These are: BEDUNG, BERAY, IMMERD, SHARNY, and the good ol’ SHITTEN. In special cases, you can use BEMUTE (specifically means to drop poo on someone from great height), SHARD-BORN (born in dung), and FIMICOLOUS (living and growing on crap)
WTF that dude just bescumbered you!
by Valher November 03, 2009
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1. A strange condition in which a person, usually male, begins to lose their sanity, eventually beginning to believe themselves to be an ox.
That dude was diagnosed with Boanthropy the other day.
No wonder, his mom's a cow.
by Valher November 03, 2009
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1 A monkey that lives up someones rectum! do not attempt to interact with them.
Haha that Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey is going home dude, run man hes got his sights on your asshole.
by Valher November 03, 2009
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The act of fisting a girls asshole during sexual relations, in a somewhat uncomfortable to painful manner (depends on how loose they are) and then wiping the fecal matter on her face, below nose above top lip. It is also known jokingly as the fist of death or ass-punch or anus-fist-lunge you get the point.
Bob-I gave my girlfriend a killer sanchez last night.
Jay-Holy shit
Bob-exactly, pardon the pun lol, its hard to do though, kinda like trying to fit your hand into a bracelet that is 5 sizes too small
by Valher November 03, 2009
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A way for smart people to insult a fat person in a way that the fat person may find cute, or funny.
Come Here you chubbby wubby tub tub!

Hey chubby wubby tub tub, what do you got for lunch, a human child or what?
by Valher November 02, 2009
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1. A terrible and embarrassing STD which includes Herpes, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis... basically ensuring that once you have it, you will be lonely for the rest of your life.
Man that guy got Herpaganaciphilitis from that Hoebag!
Thats must suck... poor bastard.
by Valher November 03, 2009
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1. A kid whose friends are taller than him who happens to be more muscular than them.
2. A short dude who lifts weights.
3. A muscular midget
4. A midget who is actually pumping steroids into his system.
5. A term of endearment to the short-muscular guy in your group of friends (in the non-gay were totally cool kind of way)
Wassup Midget-On-Steroids?
Hey midget on steroids, man do you like eat steroids for breakfast?!?
by Valher November 02, 2009
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