Verbal exclamation of exasperation that a particular thought process or line of thinking has come to an abrupt halt, esp. when solving a sudoku.
“If we place a 9 here, we can use sudoku rules to place a 9 in this corner — oh bobbins! That 9 is ruled out by this 9 in the other corner, and the puzzle breaks.”
by Dudley1 August 31, 2021
That's a load of old bobbins.
by Mister_Douve May 7, 2003

Widely used in the Manchester (England) area.

Rhyming slang, "bobbins of cotton" = rotten
Manchester United are bobbins.
by Kevin Hogan August 6, 2006
hey sam, did u get bobbins from her?
by c-cubed April 20, 2006
An expression which describes the poor remedial fix of an object/item.

It can also be a reference to a vital part of the anatomy.
"Hey Trigger, that twirly wirly bar you taped together has been returned by a customer. They said it was bobbins"

"oi, I braked too hard and I slipped off my seat smashing up me bobbins!"
by Vindows Wertex October 6, 2006
"I told him not to fuck with Harry, but now he gots dah bobbins"

" Man don't fuck with LaRonda man, you'll get the bobbins"
by Conor November 7, 2004
I saw a nest of bobbins today - good thing they weren't close to a nest of beagles, or we would have witnessed the circle of life in action!
by supermintyfresh July 24, 2011