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Apple's next product (no matter what it is).
Dude, are you getting the new iShit?

Isn't everybody?
by twajjo January 11, 2012

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The room in which a person's PC is kept.
I rang the doorbell three or four times, dude. What, were you in the masterbatorium?
by twajjo January 09, 2012

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When a person believes that their high level of capability in one area automatically translates into a high level of capability in another.
He was so good at generating ideas that he did an overreacharound on engineering and sales.
by twajjo May 25, 2011

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A person who does nothing to be anti-entropic. Since taking intelligent actions or improving anything is against the flow of entropy, a person who does nothing of value is an entrope.
Dude, Scott hever leaves his X-box from wake to crash, he's such an entrope.
by twajjo January 07, 2012

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The failure to notice something that is truly amazing because there's just so much out there to get awed by.
"Hey, kids! Look up in that tree, that's a leopard-- in the wild!"

"Yeah whatever," says the child while stooped over an iDevice.

"Never mind--Amazingness Fatigue."
by twajjo October 25, 2011

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An attempt to mimic cleverness rather than intelligence artificially, often through hardware and/or software. See Siri, facial recognition or anything with "smart" in its title.
I'm not afraid of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Overlords, I'm afraid of the AC (Artificial Cleverness) Overlords!
by Twajjo July 27, 2018

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