A confined space used for masterbation. A masterbatorium will sometimes have pictures of naked bodies hanging on the walls for visual stimulation. Those little rooms in the porn store that you stick quarters in, those are masterbatoriums. A masterbatorium will generally smell of lotion or crusted semen. You get a feeling of filth when you walk into a masterbatorium.
The guy who lived below me had his room completely wallpapered with centerfolds of Playboy Playmates, this was obviosly a masterbatorium.
by Russ Buss January 20, 2006
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A place of masterbation. Usually a private confined space makes the best masterbatorium.
That shed would make a great masterbatorium!
by likemikexxiii October 24, 2005
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The room in which a person's PC is kept.
I rang the doorbell three or four times, dude. What, were you in the masterbatorium?
by twajjo January 10, 2012
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