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A confined space used for masterbation. A masterbatorium will sometimes have pictures of naked bodies hanging on the walls for visual stimulation. Those little rooms in the porn store that you stick quarters in, those are masterbatoriums. A masterbatorium will generally smell of lotion or crusted semen. You get a feeling of filth when you walk into a masterbatorium.
The guy who lived below me had his room completely wallpapered with centerfolds of Playboy Playmates, this was obviosly a masterbatorium.
by Russ Buss January 20, 2006
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A place of masterbation. Usually a private confined space makes the best masterbatorium.
That shed would make a great masterbatorium!
by likemikexxiii October 24, 2005
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The room in which a person's PC is kept.
I rang the doorbell three or four times, dude. What, were you in the masterbatorium?
by twajjo January 09, 2012
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Masterbatoria: Plural for masterbatorium. A chain of public baths; special massage parlors, stalls at the bus station, seats in an adult theater are some examples
They operate a chain of masterbaroria around the country.
She meet her friend for lunch and takes her to the hotel Ritz, her favorite of all masterbatoria.
The shower rooms of colleges are masterbatoria.
by Lloyd Winburn April 15, 2007
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