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When a guy sits down in a seat and spreads his legs apart wide, as if his testicles were hot as lava and needed ventilation. Usually used pejoratively, especially against men who do this on public transit and so waste space or make their seat neighbors uncomfortable.
Ugh, I was on the T and this guy say down right next to me and was lavaballing halfway onto my seat! Rude and gross!
by ttdi April 26, 2015
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To nuke a location or area so overwhelmingly that it is not only destroyed, but its entire surface is melted into glass.

When the first nuclear bomb, Trinity, was tested in the New Mexico desert, the explosion was so hot that some of the sand near the epicenter was fused into a glassy material later called Trinitite. Modern nuclear weapons can be hundreds of times more powerful, and with so many in existence you could glass a large area indeed.

While most things won’t fuse into glass (pretty much just sand), the idea is a powerful image of total destruction.
The bombers glassed the Killer Cyborg Replication Facility, to ensure that nothing could be recovered.

The Ohio State fans wanted to glass Ann Arbor.
by ttdi October 03, 2021
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A Twitter user’s @-mentions: comments in response to their posts, or other discussion threads they have been tagged in. When a user is mentioned, they are usually notified, which can turn out bad.

When a user replies to a post, the author of the original post is “mentioned”. If the author’s post is controversial or blows up for some reason, they will get lots of repliers in their menchies. This often makes their notifications almost useless, since they’re flooded by responses to one post.

Other times, two or more repliers get into a debate in response to a different user’s original post, littering the OP’s menchies with irrelevant chatter. For obvious reasons, it sucks to get a bunch of notifications on an argument you have no interest in.
Ben just posted that “Waluigi is overrated,” RIP his menchies.

You can have your Haribo vs. Black Forest gummy bear argument, but please, not in my menchies.
by ttdi June 12, 2018
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"Let me show you my pokemans"
let me show you them
by ttdi September 17, 2007
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A placeholder journalists use when they need to find additional info in a headline or story. If you see this on a news website, somebody's made a mistake.
Auto collision on expressway leaves TKTK injured

The cause of death was determined to be TKTK.
by ttdi May 29, 2015
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