16 definitions by true

Goddamn Power Rangers. And the show isn't even that good either.
by true September 23, 2003
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Yo u hear that PG13 guy spin? hes DOPE!
by true April 12, 2003
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A harmless activity that male friends participate in for the purpose of reinforcing friendship or simply getting together to do something positive. Such activities include, but are not limited to beer drinking, discussing business and finance, watching or playing sports, playing videogames or card games, occasionally talking about women, or watching a movie that doesn't suck.
Guy's night out is one way for a man to be free, if only for a few hours.
by true August 23, 2003
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an expression to portray joy or glee
after winning a hand at poker, one proclaims, "DOMINOMOTHAFUCKA"
by true June 02, 2003
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The only good fighting game they ever made since Street Fighter 3 was.......
Nope, can't remember any other Capcom fighting game after that because they SUCKED!!!
by true October 23, 2003
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