Alike from o0o, its a way of saying “ooh”.
0o0 those are some nice x, where’d you get it?
by I may or may not be rm 😳 September 28, 2020
a state of shock that is used in online chatting, has a similar meaning as 0_0, but the mouth is opened
killer: I'll murder you in your sleep
victim: 0o0
bystander: 0o0
by Heathywuley May 8, 2017
When you feel famous after posting a few things
I just posted and commented on so many things someone’s got to notice me now 0o0
by The_Ancient_Chicken October 7, 2021
Chanku: My laptop screen is messing up...shit
crazyguy562: OH NO
crazyguy562: 0o0"
by crazyguy562 February 23, 2014