42 definitions by tracy

It basically means lyk to leave summink coz it's out of order or it's a long ting.
Jon.K:Come we go shop Tracy!
Tracy: Allow it man dats a trek lyk.
by tracy August 17, 2004
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to be the subject of insult; to be made fun of
"you totally just capped on me but it was funny as all hell"
by tracy December 8, 2004
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adj. Cas' (pronounced caj)

1) a synonym for cool

- This party is cas'
- Don't worry about it, It's cas'
by tracy July 8, 2003
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Term used to express when a female is masterbating
Sara was so horny last night and was all alone, so she started clicking the mouse.
by tracy January 27, 2004
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The worst quality food known to mankind!
MacDonald's mmm lovely, traces of faeces (true!) in every bite!
by tracy March 23, 2004
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1. n) a machine that is deizel
2. v) I want to.
3. n) your friend and your confidant...
The deizel machine will engulf you in his chest, then you will cease to exist.

Man, that deizel machine is deizel and machine like, not to mention hot.
by tracy October 6, 2004
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Some Ova Heavy MC straight out of E3 u no big up big up *braaap*
'Lifes bin ruff, gritty shitty life aint bin 2 pretty far from buff now I'm off 2 the elegant stuff!!'
by tracy August 18, 2004
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