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mass produced, Canadian, indoor marijuana, that is keifed,(deprived of it's thc crystals.)
by tommy d January 31, 2003

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A response in the affirmative
"Did you slam my wife?"

"Yes Mate."
by tommy d May 01, 2003

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A child who was locked in the basement for 20 years with only math textbooks' way of spelling the word 'guess'
Try to quess how I got into college when I scored a 0 on my SAT in verbals.
by Tommy D November 09, 2003

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Dun Fell Out
Dun Falled Out

It is a fire/EMS term
Ryan just DFOed.

Tom DFOed and the medics came and took him away.
by Tommy D February 17, 2005

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school better known as a prision for kids though the age of 18 good for hold teenage drivers so i can drive in peace
ur in there im out here so fuck u
by Tommy D October 29, 2004

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Slapping a hoe with balls swollen twice their normal size
His swollen balls allowed the pimp to tommy slap the girls blowing his slong
by Tommy d December 03, 2013

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short for diet coke
yo ass wipe try doke u might loose some weight
by Tommy D October 12, 2003

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