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A badass girl whom even a black guy wouldn't fuck with. She is very protective of her friends and will knock someone out in a single blow. Sarah may translate from hebrew to "princess", but in UrbanDictionary terms, Sarah translates to "badass girl".
Holy shit! that girl knocked that guy out in one punch! she must be a Sarah!
by thebestaround69 November 24, 2014
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German for a sexy girl with a nice ass.
That is one geiss!
by thebestaround69 October 28, 2014
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def.- A hot and caring girl who is a badass at video games and was one of the first girls to get into playing games that boys like. (ex. Call of Duty) Once this girl gets started on a videogame, she will not stop until she has beaten it. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the video game away from her for she will get pissed and start throwing things at you.
Mother-Luna has been playing that game for 3 days straight!
Father- Yeah, but just don't take it off of her!
by thebestaround69 January 5, 2015
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Phrase used before tossing an object any where or when shooting a basket.
(holds c4) KOBE (throws c4)
by thebestaround69 January 6, 2015
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One who burgeons in the field. One who like to burgeon themselves to burgeon.
That's a little Markiplier tip for all you burgeoning YouTubers out there
by thebestaround69 March 22, 2019
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Banana Bus (verb)

def. a yellow bus with a green stripe in the middle of both the left and right sides of it that is bent into a curve, making it look like a banana.
Wildcat-do do do-do banana bus.
by thebestaround69 December 28, 2015
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