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A group of japanese girls who are currently being paid to follow around gwen stefani in various costumes and giggle in an attempt to give her street credit.

This credit is needed because
a. her new album sucks
b. she says "wicked" and "harajuku" way too many times on said album
c. her treatment of japanese culture and these women is borderline offensive, and unquestionably a form of cultural expropriation
"you harajuku girls, damn you've got some wicked style"
see: everysong on the damn album


Me: "Gwen, don't you think paying these women to be your bitches is kind of offensive?"
Gwen: "huh?!"
by the_common_man April 20, 2005

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A crazy right wing politician who is currently Canada's Prime Minster, leading his minority (thank god for that) government in Parliament. Notorious for conservative values, he is exactly the kind of white bred posh arse who would shake his kids hands when dropping them off to school in the morning.

It also seems that he hates women enough to oppose their personal rights over their bodies, has wishes to reverse past-decisions on same sex marriage rights in order to 'protect' the rights of heterosexuals, and believes that everyone in Canada is capable of finding childcare for $100 a month per child under six.

Also, he may or may not wish to be George W. Bush's BFF
john: why isn't bobby at daycare today?
jane: I can't afford to pay for his childcare now that it's not subsidized... plus the centre shut down because it can't afford to operate.
john: oh yeah I totally forgot... my partner lost his job because of the universal childcare benefit.
jane: yeah, one hundred dollars don't buy shite in daycare
john: god bless Stephen Harper
by the_common_man October 17, 2006

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nu rave is a so-called style of music and 'way of life' as termed by NME Magazine in an article about the Klaxons in March of 2007. Subsequently stores became full of 'nu-rave' merchandise resembling a hideous combination of the worst aspects of 80's, early 90's and chav fashions.

Unlike Punk or other styles which were seen to be outlandish in their day, the nu-rave style is not at all individualistic and has not developed alongside political or social movements over the years ... in fact, it is an overnight style which was cleverly prepared, marketed, and deployed onto consumers by corporate giants.
corporate guru #1: do you think anyone will notice that within days of NME Magazine coining the term, the shops are all coincedentally filled with nu rave items?
corporate guru #2: no, they dont think... they are sheep
corporate guru #3: finally - this is my chance to unload the warehouse full of fashion faux-pas I've been stocking up since 1987
by the_common_man May 30, 2007

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A word generally used by moms and grandmothers of all ages to describe things that match bland or conservative tastes. Especially in the case of clothing, this word acts as an general indicator of what someone should not leave the house wearing.

Mom; "oooh that's a snazzy outfit"
Son/Daughter; "great, now not only do I have to change clothes but I have to burn this outfit before I go my prom"
by the_common_man October 13, 2006

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Ridiculously thin/skinny jeans worn by various scenesters, emo kids, and indie types, which make a person look completely out of porportion. Usually paired with a studded belt, a pretentious a-symetrical haircut, and a gaze of apathetic angst on the face of the wearer.

Unfortunately due to the logistics of finding jeans to fit so tightly, this trend often results in low sitting jeans which have a particularly ill fit around the bum, appearing as though one might be carrying a shite around in their pants.
person 1: Kate Moss looks hot in those drainpipes
person 2: too bad everyone else wearing them looks like a fashion victim
by the_common_man October 17, 2006

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