It's a person who crosses the boundaries of fashion and style, like taking a fad too far, or wearing too many trends at once and therefore taking the look from the glamourous to the ridiculous. It is also a person who tries to draw admiration through the designer brands (or a shameless copy of them), wearing labels- regardless of fit or personal style- and becoming a "walking billboard"!
fashion victim, personal style, fad, trends, designer labels
by BeautyByElla April 22, 2008
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the fashion police should arrest all such persons. they can be identified easily, all their clothing will have designer logos, they will be perfectly manicured, groomed and waxed and buffed. But instead of looking chic they will look "over the top" because they have no real taste or style. The mark of a true fashion victim is wearing every faddish trend that comes out.
Paris Hilton is a fashion victim, someone please arrest her.
by KatWoman January 8, 2005
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Someone who will wear something because it's in fashion. If it's not then they usually won't wear it. A fashion victim is also someone who usually loves designer clothes.
Mischa Barton is a fashion victim.
by Georgia Marr January 18, 2006
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term that defines a young person who likes to be seen posing in public wearing a mixture of cheap-mildy expensive label clothing. Also a reference to someone who dresses up in 'expensive' clothes in order to gain entry to a night out at a tacky nightclub or bar that may operate a 'dress to impress policy'
look at the state of that geezer over there; f*cking fashion victim
by Emperor Xist February 1, 2006
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a fashion victim is someone who wears clothes that are not right. The clothes do not match each other in style or colour. They do not fit the person correctly. Sometimes the clothing is designer, other times it can be from the Salvation army. The key links between fashion victims is that they do not look good.
That fashion victim is wearing Pointed toe stillettos with army fatigues, and the colour doesn't even match.
by QueenChick May 1, 2006
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Okay I am a fashion major and a fashion victim is NOT someone who wears designer clothes. A fashion victim is simply someone who CANNOT DRESS even if their life depended on it and they tried very hard. THEY DO NOT MATCH THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN STYlE THEY CANNOT COORDINATE ANYTHING. Simply put they are a hot mess. I do not know where you guys got fashion victim was someone who wore designer clothes and put on loads on fads. Although rockin too many fads can be a part a fashion victim, as stated before and let me set it straight a fashion victim is simply someone who cannot dress.
Girl 1:Girl why is she wearing plaid a shirt, with polka dot shorts, and bright pink socks with neon green reeboks and blue shoelaces?

Girl 2: That girl is a fashion victim for sure she needs to watch What Not to Wear they help fashion victims they could help her ass out
by Ambizzle March 17, 2008
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Fashion victims are victims because they are vulnerable to faddishness and materialism, two of the widely recognized excesses of fashion, and consequently are at the mercy of society's prejudices or of the commercial interest of the fashion industry, or of both. According to Versace, "When a woman alters her look too much from season to season, she becomes a fashion victim. Someone who changes too much through different seasons and not wearing what they like , just wearing what is the most fashionable thing at the moment.
Kevin hart can be a fashion victim sometimes but doesn't make him one for life
by princelog July 21, 2014
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