Masturbate To Cartoons.
hentai <--- perfect example of MTC
by TheChibiWolf November 24, 2012
An acronym that stands for 'make the call'. It's the tough decision that every casual drug user goes through when considering whether to call their dealer or not.
'feeling a bit tired this Friday after a week in work I may have to MTC'

'I was strong willed last night and I avoided the urge to MTC'
by The taxi man November 11, 2016
abbreviation of Montclair, VA, like how LBC is short for Long Beach, CA. A suburban community based around Lake Montclair and a golf course.

Montclair, where there is nothing to do but drink, smoke, and piss off upper class middle-aged white people.
Kid 1: Man, the MTC is so boring.
Kid 2: Wanna chug a 40, smoke a bowl, and egg some cars on Waterway?
Kid 1: Fuck yeah!
by effinmike April 4, 2010
MTC = More To Come
MTC appears in the 2008 movie 'Untraceable'
by trashpot July 26, 2008
MTC = Mad Trigger Crew

The BEST and most SEXIEST division out there, located in yokohama and consists of three men who are tall, handsome, powerful, VERY SEXY and dumb with hot af bars. These extremly gorjus men will def take out all of the other divisions, VOTE MTC!!!!
Yo we havent done nothing yet my fellow chicks and dicks from yokohama you better take the attention away from all the other divisions and bring it to us we're the great presence of samatoki, jyuto and rio you hear? Thats a jingi that you can show us MTC
by mtc enjoyer April 21, 2021
moms taking computer
used in place of brb or bbs when a mother seizes the ocmputer from the hands of their child. so the person on the other end knows why the person doesnt come back for a long time.
screenname1: damnit ! mtc
screenname2: ugh, ill call you or something
by Taichadow September 1, 2006