An acronym that stands for 'make the call'. It's the tough decision that every casual drug user goes through when considering whether to call their dealer or not.
'feeling a bit tired this Friday after a week in work I may have to MTC'

'I was strong willed last night and I avoided the urge to MTC'
by The taxi man November 11, 2016
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"Manhattan's Til Close" A term to describe going to Manhattan Pizza & Pub until the bar closes. This feat of physical accomplishment is no easy task.
Weather tomorrow looks like shit and I could use a drink. Let's go MTC !
by Trash Can Daddi April 19, 2019
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abbreviation of Montclair, VA, like how LBC is short for Long Beach, CA. A suburban community based around Lake Montclair and a golf course.

Montclair, where there is nothing to do but drink, smoke, and piss off upper class middle-aged white people.
Kid 1: Man, the MTC is so boring.
Kid 2: Wanna chug a 40, smoke a bowl, and egg some cars on Waterway?
Kid 1: Fuck yeah!
by effinmike April 04, 2010
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Model Type Chiqs
A clique that originated in Stone Mountain ,GA.
Said to be divas and very glamorous.
Also said to African-Americans.

Coined the phrases:
"Divas on Deck"
"Model Maggots"
M.T.C are so hot! They are also some oreos!
by Mizz Barbie March 04, 2007
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