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Biker slang for a motorcycle, usually a Harley style bike.
Ramrod sure loves riding his hawg all day!
by matthew cyzq April 16, 2008
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1)slang term for a very large bass.
2)criminal rating in "GTA San Andreas" (30,000 - 39,999 points)
you eat like a hawg!
by theRo September 27, 2005
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A very large fat person who has a certain look in their eyes where you can tell all they want is food.
John: Damn bro..... that girl right there is tearing up that hamburger!

Sam: Of course, She's a straight up hawg.
by Playa Playa 6 August 05, 2010
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an un-assuming description of a penis
dude, she wanted to gnarf my hawg Five times last night!
by mr.weasel July 13, 2006
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Cool, strong, eat people for breakfast, have lightning speed, can jump 50 yards, have the ability to look super fast even though there going so so speed, eat children for snacks, and eat bodybuilders for meals, chevy is not one, he a golden boy,
Johny: That guy is amazing at football
Mark: Yea hes a hawg
Johny: whos that kid he sucks
Mark: dat chevy he golden boy
Johny: Hawgs are amazing
Mark: Tru Tru
by johnjingleheimerschmitz August 30, 2010
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