13 definitions by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow

the pink bitch Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online that is shorter than 5ft and uses a p90 named p-chan that constantly gets broken
Pitohui: can i use your p90
Llenn: Fuck no, p-chan is mine
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow December 22, 2019
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Player: time to challenge Avia
Masamune: get the fuck out scrub
Magoichi: calm down Masamune
Masamune: fuck off Magoichi
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow September 25, 2020
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a steel and fairy type pokémon that’s amazing, it looks cool, has a mega evolution that looks cool, has decent stats, and has good combat viability
dude: my favorite pokemon is sableye
other dude: go fuck yourself, mawile would kick sableye’s butt
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow December 26, 2019
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enslaving animals by shoving them into your balls. You can even buy new balls at the pokemart. You do not throw your testicles at the animal though. Believe it or not, one kid actually did that and it was really messy but also really funny.
I just threw my balls at that mawile to capture it pokemon is so much fun
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow September 19, 2020
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a boss that gives everyone a lot of suffering no matter who they play as in SS2. you think that he is the best character but in reality he suks. Once you beat Sagat you think that M.Bison is impossible but compared to Sagat, M.Bison is nothing
Guy: I am almost about to beat the game as Ryu, just gotta beat Sagat and M. Bison and i have won
Sagat: Enjoy my overpoweredness
Guy: Ah Fuck
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow December 19, 2019
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the first Hot Bitch from Street Fighter whose father got killed by M Bison and tries to avenge her father’s death as well as getting guile to have sex with her and getting guile to avoid having sex with Cammy White who also likes Guile. Chun Li is known for her spinning bird kick and being the strongest woman in the world
Announcer: Hard kicking fighting machine Chun-li

Chun-li: I am the strongest woman in the world
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow December 22, 2019
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one of the hot bitches from street fighter introduced in Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers as one of the four new challengers and the second female character as well as the most prominent of the four. Cammy used to be a Shadaloo doll for M Bison but managed to escape from M Bison’s control and nearly got herself blown up if it was not for Vega rescuing her and bringing her to Delta Red, but still hates Vega for some reason. She apparently likes forcefulness in a man
guy1: you ever heard of Cammy white?
guy2: oh the hot chick from street fighter who doesn’t shoot projectiles
guy1: yeah, but her ass is perfect
by theMEKApilotsyoudon’tknow December 19, 2019
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