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A skank from Alaska.
Came to Alaska in search of nice women, but ain't nothin' but Alaskanks up here. Fuck.
by The One March 29, 2004

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to be sexy and rich, while being a legend at the same time
dude, i am so king vash

wow, kiera knightly is soooo king vash
by the one February 27, 2005

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The most retarded mod that ever existed. She's like, 10 years old and has no sense on how the hell to mod a forum. She acts like she's cool and thinks she's funny. People talk behind her back and crack jokes about her all the time.
Furious_D: Tee hee! Let's solve this over a cup of tea!

Everyone on MSN: Honestly, you're not funny, shut the fuck up and go shoot yourself.

See Dumbass
by The One January 19, 2005

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to gain entrance to.
i gained access to that girls pussy
by the one October 20, 2003

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The highest point achievable, as in the moment of pure clarity attained during an epiphany.
"The priests held the epiphanical position in the theocratic society."
by The One January 08, 2005

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To be slapped in the head with a penis
Aaron questioned the mighty one's power and got cock knocked.
by The One May 18, 2004

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One who believe the internet is the realworld and seeks online relationships.
Hi, im a social outkast and i like to gifin by spending countless hours in my basement alone drinking smirnoff ice talking to dannyboy's sister having jerkoff sessions.
by The One July 29, 2003

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