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A cure fan who resided in chicago.
KamarKhan is a lame ass
by the one April 19, 2005
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An over bite queen...with looks that could kill....litrally.....a small chubby 'wanna' be mosher..who thinks shes pretty with a personality of a cow...not worth knowing...and a shit spreader...
Nat grogan.....spreading shit and breaking up bf's and gf's
by the one April 14, 2005
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n 1: a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; 2: a drink that listens to 'White Tees'; 3: says "FUCK the man"
"he ordered a cup of coffee" java
by the one April 22, 2005
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to be sexy and rich, while being a legend at the same time
dude, i am so king vash

wow, kiera knightly is soooo king vash
by the one February 27, 2005
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Rickidius Fronebidius
Rickidius Fronebidius is and always will be The One
by the one April 20, 2004
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like the sun, he is capable of brightening up anybodies day with his great sense of humor and ability to make u laugh in a split second.
Like the sun and rain; when tears come down, Suraj dries them up.
by the one January 7, 2005
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