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A defensive structure containing the home of a warlord and his family, central command for his military and base of operations for his regime.
The peasants looked with fear on the donjon up on its mount. Last year, an uprising had been put down. The lord's men had come down and burned some huts, and the leaders of the rebellion were publicly flayed and dismembered.
by the birds and trees July 27, 2007
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When you put lubricant in a blow up dolls mouth and you have her give you head while you watch porn
My girlfriend rejected me so I gave myself a Don Jon
by wisemankiller July 20, 2014
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A guy that can get any girl even though he's an asshole he does not do the relationship type of shit.
Girl 1: there's that guy they call "don jon"
Girl 2: he's such a asshole , knowing he can get any girl he wants
by abcmale October 08, 2015
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When you lose your boner because you're more addicted to porn and can keep a boner while watching porn.
"Don't Don Jon on me!"

"Did you just Don Jon?"

"Whoops I'm Don Jonning."
by Don jon August 28, 2014
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Based on the movie Don Jon. Someone who masturbates excessively and picks up an insane amount of girls everywhere they go.
Look at that Donjon over there with his 6 girls.
by week3hoh June 20, 2018
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