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A close, and disgusting, cousin to the Indian Burn.
To grab your girlfriend's leg, press it up against your ass, and crack off a fart. Usually delivered best after a hearty meal of some type of Curry, hence the name.
" I think my girlfriend's pissed, we had Chicken Vindaloo at the Arabic Gardens last night, and I ripped a huge East Indian Burn on her thigh...it stunk sooo bad! "
by the Den of Iniquity December 06, 2006

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The act of anal sex.
A nice tight ass looks remarkably like a Daddy-long-legs spider, hence the insertion of a penis appears to be breaking the legs off that same spider.
" Man, that girl loves it hard. After fucking for awhile she grabbed the lube, slapped her ass and told me she wanted to break the legs off the spider."
by the Den of Iniquity December 06, 2006

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When someone makes a rhetorical and redundant statement about a situation to seem humorous and intelligent. Instead of coming off as such, it usually reduces the intellect of the person making the statement. This is often, and efficiently done by the semi-retarded and socially inept character Horatio Caine on CSI Miami. The usual result is that the person hearing this will roll their eyes, sigh, and change the channel. Also referred to as Tautology.
Suspect #1 - " I swear I didn't touch her!"
H. Caine - "You don't have to touch someone to shoot them."
Suspect #2 - "Shit, dude... you just got Cained!!"
by the Den of Iniquity May 11, 2010

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