48 definitions by that guy

a word that stupid ppl in williamsville new york use to describe something as boring or just straight up sucky. the gayest use of vocabulary ever.
yo that party was beat last night man
by that guy February 16, 2004
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police code for: murder for hire on a police officer.
the russin mob ordered 151's on all the cops that have been bothering them
by that guy March 29, 2003
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making fun of someone not manning up. (see manning up)
Do you want me to hold your purse?
by that guy February 22, 2004
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Phrase used to announce that you are leaving the premises like a Boss and/or Badass
Inferior Co-Worker: Are you leaving?
Superior Self: Yeah, Sayonara Bitches
by that guy March 5, 2012
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A tasty snack based product made from meat by-products (Human skin) for aliens. Similar to pork scratchings.

Appears on Futurama in the form of an advertisement in the opening credits of the episode "I Second That Emotion"
Clagnar's human rinds! It's a buncha muncha cruncha human!
by that guy October 19, 2004
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Some one that dies more than he lives in video games.

See Delron
That guy is such a uber-n00b everyone yells ranger down soon as he logs in.
by that guy February 27, 2005
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Spindle- Greek, comes from the word "speendle", means for someone to fall over
Shanx- Greek, comes from the word "shrunks", means to laugh
omg that l0zer f3ll over what a looser SPINDLESHANX
by that guy August 22, 2004
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