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the most extreme version of socialble

this word is usually used by people who cant think of new words
"You've changed, you are more socialable than before!"
by that guy February 6, 2005
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1) A band with a name that has to do with a sound and young people. 2) A band very rarely hear by common people, but they rule so much ass!
My Sonic Youth can kick your Blink 182 ass!
by that guy June 27, 2003
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A Man orgy in which homoerotic novels and RTD beverages are provided, and *nsync is listened to.
I'm totally going to have myself a huge sphyre tonight. You're all invited.
by that guy June 11, 2003
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Spindle- Greek, comes from the word "speendle", means for someone to fall over
Shanx- Greek, comes from the word "shrunks", means to laugh
omg that l0zer f3ll over what a looser SPINDLESHANX
by that guy August 22, 2004
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I wanted a plain old blowjob, so I accepted when the prostitute said she'd give me an "STD blowjob". I don't feel so good...
by that guy August 20, 2003
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A bizarre advertising stunt pulled by Burger King, where you 'control' a giant rooster-man wearing a garter belt.

Through the eyes of its 'webcam', you can throw any command you like, from 'jump', to 'watch tv', to 'hump the couch'.

"The subservient chicken is strange as hell, and did not make me any hungrier for chicken."
by that guy April 12, 2004
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Some guy who gew pea plants. Tried to get them to grow extra large through genetics so he could hide the grape vines he was growing behind them. Really true.
Mendel really liked wine.
by that guy November 16, 2003
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