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n. synonym for expensive, often flashy jewelry sported mostly by African American hip-hop artists and middle class Caucasian adolescents.

v. to "bling-bling;" the act of sporting jewelry of a highly extravagant gaudy nature.
n. "Man, I gots tha bling-bling, yo."

v. "Damn Johnny, you sure be bling-blinging it tonight!"
by that guy April 16, 2003

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The short "mile" that a prisoner walks before he is executed on prison grounds by the force of the law.
There's a dead man walkin' on a green mile.
by that guy August 04, 2003

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1) A band with a name that has to do with a sound and young people. 2) A band very rarely hear by common people, but they rule so much ass!
My Sonic Youth can kick your Blink 182 ass!
by That Guy June 26, 2003

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Girls are kind, pretty, soft, and lovable. Though, some girls can be bitches.
Some of my best friends are girls!
by That Guy August 08, 2003

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Possibly the greatest concotion known to man, about a world carried around by four elephants riding on a turtle. Pokes fun at everything. Features characters like Rincewind, Vimes, Granny Weatherwax, and DEATH, the sentimentalist who talks in all capital letters (not as annoying as it sounds).
That Discworld book where Granny Weatherwax fights the Elf Queen was Godly!
by That Guy November 16, 2003

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The Kickin' Rad anime about a group of friends in high school... and small children being seriously injured.
Takino Tomo ownz!!!
by that guy August 19, 2003

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a shit that knocks at your underpants.
i was pulled over for speeding and tried to explain that there was a turtle head bashing my underpants but the officer still booked me.
by that guy August 30, 2003

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