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An operation performed by an International Coalition to remove an irritating growth known as a Gadhafi from a planet. AKA: Operation Odyssey Dawn.
When the Coalition finally Removes Gadhafi from Power, the Libyaplasty will be complete.
by tha malcontent March 24, 2011

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The condition that affects most Meth Addicts. It appears as sores and scabs that the addict picks at as the additction worsens.
Damn, did you see the scabbage on Amy's arms?... She needs to lay of the Meth.

meth crank cracker monkey tweak
by tha malcontent August 18, 2012

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Cyber Drinks that you can make up, modify and drink unlimitedly.
Dude, I boughten you some WikiDrinks on Facebook!
by tha malcontent July 27, 2010

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The Urine that Follows the Digestion of Asparagus.
Damn, I Ate WAY too much of that Asparagus, and I Know I have a Mean Asparapiss Waiting to Greet me Later in the Can.
by tha malcontent May 14, 2008

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In Politics, an Intellectually Dishonest person of Low Self-Esteem, usually an Abuser of small animals who likes to Disrupt Mature Debate like an 8 year old girl not getting enough attention.

In Movie Theaters, a Jackass who would walk into an empty Theater and sit Directly in front of you.
PeterGriffin was an Asshateus Maximus until he Conceded and handed the Crown to 7426Karl who had his head lodged to far up PG's Ass too Realize a Concession had come.
by tha malcontent August 03, 2006

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Used to acknowledge a successful criticism or an effective point in an argument, but with a notable hint of bitterness and resentment at being bested.
Lefty: "Yeah, but Clinton wasn't removed from Office..."

Righty: "Douché!"
by tha malcontent February 22, 2011

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The Irrational Fear of Albinos as Propagated by Pop Culture and Specifically Hollywood during the Miserable Disco Era and Pre-Disco Era.
I Think that Foul Play was a Excellent Example of Albinophobia in Hollywood during the 70's.
by tha malcontent June 11, 2008

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