If you cant make a compromise to end an argument, you make a concession. It is when you offer your opponent something that they like at the cost of your opponent giving you something you like as well. Then you both agree to end the argument and the conflict is over.
“We cant make a compromise, so lets make a concession
by Darkness666 November 4, 2020
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Verb, Adjective, noun. It can be anything you want, bad or good, and excuse for anything.
It's so concession.(cool)
Don't be so concession.(douche)
"Why did you punch me" "Don't worry about it, it's so concession.(chill)
by ConcessionCreators April 25, 2010
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Something one hits when they utterly give up, quit, discontinue, cease, etc.
Bobby: I'm fed up with this shit, FUCK IT. <leaves>
Onlooker: Bro, Bobby just totally hit the concession button.
by G to the Dizzle March 21, 2009
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Mutual concession is an act of giving up one's own possessions, interests, rights, comfort or stuffs like that just to foster cooperation among two or more persons and to sustain the already existing relationship. -Emeasoba George
Mutual concession is synonymous with give-and-take.
by Emeasoba George July 8, 2018
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A popular hangout site for characters in the "Homestarrunner.com" series; run by a "hip" character named Bubs, who sells Swiss rolls.
Strong Bad and the Cheat treated themselves to food at Bub's Concession Stand.
by Strokes fan February 2, 2004
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A person of girth carrying armloads of giant drinks, buckets of well buttered popcorn, etc. from a movie theater concession stand. They can usually be seen lumbering through the lobby or fighting gravity on the slope of the theater aisle as they deliver their bounty to appreciative partakers.
Big Ron always volunteers to do the concession open carry since there's no take out bags.
by Dragonsphir November 28, 2016
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