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similar to fuck me boots, porno shoes are shoes that women wear, typically worn by women in porno flicks. They're usually high-heeled stiletto shoes, or slutty looking platform shoes, or a hybrid of both. Said shoes can be worn anywhere, and can be compounded with short skirts or tight pants/shorts to further convey the 'i want some' signal.
- don't wear those porno shoes to church, all the old ladies are gonna be whispering about you behind your back.

- damn, look at those shoes she has on. Total porno shoes.
by Tengu May 08, 2007

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verb, sports term. To block a scoring attempt, or to block a player with a fair amount of force so as to stop them in their tracks.
"Kobe goes for the easy lay-up... and is completely stuffed by Shaq!"
by Tengu March 31, 2005

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The feeling that you are doing something that you've already done before. Literal translation "already seen" (from French, deja 'already', vu 'seen'). Apparently it's due to a blip in your brain process which gives you the illusion that you've been somewhere/done something before, and technically, you have - a fraction of a second ago.

However, a common misinterpretation of deja vu is a repeat of a certain event. For example, in an episode of Garfield and Friends (US Acres) Orson perpetually removes the same book (Deja vu: the feeling that you are doing something that you've done before) from a box of books over and over again. This is NOT deja vu; rather, it's an event that doesn't have a forseeable end: an infinite loop, if you will.

If you walk into a room and immediately get the feeling that you've been there before, then that is a case of deja vu.
When i stepped out the door and looked at the sky, i immediately felt like i'd forseen this. wow, deja vu. looks like its going to be a very interesting day...
by Tengu September 26, 2006

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Homer Simpson's misspelling of the word 'stop'.

In the Simpsons Movie, when Homer located the truck in which his family was being held, he made an attempt to hold the truck off for a moment, using a red hexagon (as opposed to an octagon) with the word 'SOP' sloppily painted on it. But as with almost anything that Homer does, it actually worked.
"Come on, we can't pause at every 'sop', 'yeld', or 'one vay' sign we see!!"
by Tengu May 22, 2008

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Really short cut-off jean shorts that flatter a woman's booty. Popularized by Daisy Dukes from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show, hence the name. Looks best on black women (and petite white women), as they have the premium ass shape. Not recommended for women over 40 unless they have hot bodies.
"Damn man, you see those daisy dukes Monique was wearin' yesterday?"

"I got her outta those Daisy Dukes faster than Superman on 'roids."
by Tengu April 06, 2005

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a member of a gang that carries out death sentences.

derived from medieval times, where a headsman would behead criminals or traitors in public executions.

see hitman, executioner
Ser Ilyn Payne AKA The King's Justice was the royal headsman for King Joffrey I Baratheon's court in the 'a song of Ice and Fire' saga.
by Tengu March 06, 2007

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someone who goes the extra mile; i.e. an over-achiever. can also be spelt go-heart. stems from the term 'go-hard' which essentially means the same thing, but this is the mutated form of that word.
don't be such a go-hart

he's a real go-hart, he got like 99% on his test and was so pissed off
by Tengu April 12, 2006

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