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The act of when someone is not fun.
J-hope: Jimin is very no fun!
Rap Monster: Jimin, you got no jams.
by EmoKpopkidwhoinfirespeople September 10, 2016
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a song that a person is particularly fond of, sometimes to the point of being their personal anthem or theme song. derived from the expression "jamming out".
"say mang, turn the radio up, this is my jam!"
by natasha elizabeth December 11, 2005
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2 or more musicians making music together but not an official band.
Guitarist Dude: Hey man i heard you got a drumset, we should jam sometime.

Noob Drummer: Sounds good, i havent gotten to play to music yet.
by The Real Corbin March 09, 2006
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1)Means:To relax, or chill out.
person 1: damm im vexed im goin to smack him
person 2: jam man.
by edds July 31, 2006
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