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A normal tree that is grown in a pot. It is not starved of nutrients. It is kept small partly by the pot but mainly by the trimming of roots and by pruning. Left to grown by themselves and they will not really look like a tree at all. It must be pruned and trained to look like a tree. It is merely an illusion. This is why bonsai is often refered to as living art. The art of making a wooded shrub look like a tree.
Serissa Japonica (Tree Of A Thousand stars)
Ulmus Parvifolia (Chinese Elm)
Fraxinus Aspera (Japanese Ash)
by teh_pwnerer August 20, 2005

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Nonsical number with remarkable properties like PI. It is often refered to as 'The Golden Ratio', 'The Golden Mean' or 'The Divine Proportion'. Is commonly reduced down to 1.618. A lot of things in nature follow this ration but it is now quite known why yet. PHI has been popularised by 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown, which can't be a bad thing as it makes people more aware of this remarkable number. A lot of renaissance painters and architects used it in their work, but it has been used for a lot longer. The ancient Greeks were aware of PHI and the ratio can even be traced back to Pagan times.
'PHI is one H of a lot cooler than PI'. (Quote from 'The Da vinci Code')
The Golden Ratio
The Golden Mean
The Divine Proportion
by teh_pwnerer August 31, 2005

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A word to describe someone as a lair, cheat, slag and someone who is dishonest and a skank.
That girl is such a makosi, she lied to me and slept with my Big Brother.
by teh_pwnerer August 30, 2005

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a leet dnb dj from poland
im goin to chill at cube dept's new gig. bunski is at the decks
by teh_pwnerer April 10, 2005

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Large piece of fatty substance around the neck and cheek area. Thought to be magical in its properties. Often used as a sex aid.
She has a fat squib or damn that squib is both fat and juicy
by teh_pwnerer January 11, 2005

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