Area code of So Ill (Southern Illinois) The best area code to live in. 15 mins from the 314 (St. Louis) you can typically find people repping both the 618 and the 314
Raw Reese is from the 618!
by bellevegas babe April 21, 2010
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Area code for southern Illinois where you'll find a surprisingly high amount of easy beautiful women, PBR drinking Packers fans, loaded firearms within arms reach, and mother f'*** taxes....
On any day of the week in the 618 you can easily do the following: have a great time and find yourself in handcuffs, have a terrible time and find yourself in handcuffs, or even become just like one of those hoes on Teen Mom, then later, find yourself in handcuffs....
by JustFubarJ November 25, 2019
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Hick town in the sticks of Southern Illinois.

rednecks driving big mud trucks.

Pot heads with their whores walking down the streets.
Drama, gossip, lies, rumors.

Home of the Monroe County Fair. :)
Guy 1: Lets go to the 618!

Guy 2: what for?

Guy 1: get soome weed. I heard they got high dollar stuff for cheap prices.
by sk82ryde. March 08, 2011
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The area code in southern illinois with hardly any drug game.Therefore many robberies take place. Also known as the land of the goons.
Fuck the 618, I got robbed there by 3 goons carryin' big biscuits!
by ARMED&dangerous August 11, 2009
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The area code of Southern Illinois, the meth lab of America.
Not as cool as 617 or 619, because it's the middle of nowhere.
Also the home of some racists who think the civil war is still going on and refuse to recognize that IL was not a slave state.
God help me, I live in the 618.
by antiklan April 16, 2006
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Memo 618 is secret term or that the powerful use to further their agenda or to get away with their crimes. It is often used to manipulate the justice system though the public does not actually see the actual term being used.

The term comes from the TV series The Good Fight in which it plays a central them in the fourth season when cases started to mysteriously disappear after the judges handling these cases received the document.
"The judge most probably received Memo 618 which could the reason the tax evasion case against the CEO was mysteriously dismissed."
by FoolishSavant December 02, 2020
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