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A small shrub that resembles a tree. So small yet so full of treeness.
I went to the store and bought a Bonsai tree.
by NYF November 21, 2004
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The ad that comes up everytime somebody goes on urban dictionary to look up something. Comes in on the middle of the page most of the time.
For men, for women, bonsai sandals. The coolest sandals on the block. (not)
by bladezguy May 30, 2007
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A normal tree that is grown in a pot. It is not starved of nutrients. It is kept small partly by the pot but mainly by the trimming of roots and by pruning. Left to grown by themselves and they will not really look like a tree at all. It must be pruned and trained to look like a tree. It is merely an illusion. This is why bonsai is often refered to as living art. The art of making a wooded shrub look like a tree.
Serissa Japonica (Tree Of A Thousand stars)
Ulmus Parvifolia (Chinese Elm)
Fraxinus Aspera (Japanese Ash)
by teh_pwnerer August 20, 2005
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1. bonsai is a coloqual term in Australia for it's 25th Prime Minister - John Howard. The nickname was coined by the former leader on the opposition when he was quoted on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope (Screened: 28 July 2003). It is in reference to the Australian allience with America - viewed by some as 'subservient' (Malcolm Fraser).
2. Bonsai meaning "tray gardening" in Japanese is the process of growing trees and plants, while keeping them small by the use of careful pruning. It is considered a difficult art, and the trees can last for hundreds of years.
3. A computer code system used to manage CVS code arcives called 'The Bonsai CVS'.
4. Human Bonsai - Is a term for the practice of Comprachicose practictioners. It refers to the practice of changing the physical appearance of human beings by manipulating the growth of children. It's considered similar way to the horticultural method of bonsai -- or through deliberate mutilation.
John Howard — someone was saying he's got a new nickname, 'Bonsai', 'cause he's a little Bush. - Mark Latham
by Flash Ash January 12, 2006
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n. A new, extremely ugly and unfashinable type of shoe coming out, whose add spams everything, including this site. Its design is composed of a sandal, with the special trademark feature of a very furry sole. However, this causes a very unpleasant shoe, resembling a muppet after being skinned and fitted to a loser's foot. Only suited to wannabe pimps and hardcore lesbos.
Can also be used to describe something or someone, usually a woman, who has not shaved in a while, and so has accumulated an amassment of hideous hair.
John: Hey, so I saw Alicia took you up to her room last night! How'd it go?
Jack: Oh, it was a total let down...That woman's hairy as a BONSAI sandal! I couldn't even penetrate that junk!
John: Oh wow, that does sound horrible. Well at least she wasn't wearing Bonsai sandals!
Jack: Oh yeah, I would have killed myself.
by Heywhatsup February 05, 2008
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The art of growing small trees -OR- reshaping kittens by confining them in a small container until their structure has conformed to the shape of the container.
People who bonsai their cats sicken me.
by wcgold December 25, 2004
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John Howard the Prime Minister of Australia, known as Bonsai (little Bush). For his slavish devotion to current U.S. leader to the horror of most Australians.
Ugh, I heard Bosai has been invited to the Ranch again this year
by March 18, 2005
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