8 definitions by techn1ciaN

Very slow or stopped traffic; a traffic jam.
It's total creep and beep on the 101 right now.

I took the train because I didn't feel like doing the creep and beep on I-95.
by techn1ciaN December 16, 2022
The state of taking out a loan to buy something, and that thing then losing enough value that it becomes worth less than what you owe on the loan. Common with new cars and also happens with homes.
My mom was underwater on her house for almost a decade after the housing market went tits up in '08.
by techn1ciaN April 7, 2021
A very convincing political victory; an election that is not competitive. Derives from Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who rigs his national "elections" to give himself 90+% of the vote.
"My state senator sucks but she always gets Assad margins in the general because the district is so blue."
by techn1ciaN December 31, 2022
Offensive term for a lesbian from San Francisco. Used in a derogatory manner or to make unfavorable comparisons.

Popularized by Snoop Dogg but actually used first in a rap by Too $hort, on the song CussWords from his 1987 album Life Is ... Too Short.
Motherfucker can't spit straight game on the mic
'Cause he's worse than a fag or a Frisco dyke
by techn1ciaN October 17, 2021
Humorous nickname for Harbor Freight Tools, because most of what they sell is destined to break or otherwise fail if you actually use it
Went to Hazard Fraught for a socket wrench since I only need it to last through the end of the month
by techn1ciaN May 14, 2021
Toyota "sports" car built on the Tercel platform. Actually about as sporty as an old caddy. Hard to find in spite of its reliability because most were riced to shit and/or heavily abused.
Some idiot on my block put a big fart can on his Toyota Paseo and started revving it up and down the street
by techn1ciaN August 22, 2018
A deer ass taxidermied to look like a wolf with inbreeding. Bought for laughs or given as a gag gift.
I got Dale a Utah werewolf for his birthday, you should have seen his face
by techn1ciaN September 2, 2018