63 definition by tara

1) a fish who likes corndogs 2) a lazy individual who sleeps through bbqs
blake barrett is a dorkfish
by Tara January 23, 2005

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Jew Lick
Jake is a dumb jalick!
by Tara September 17, 2003

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used to describe a perfect person, like a wax statue. someone who is an all rounder, good looking, good personality, the works..
"see that guy, he's a wax"
"sam is such a wax"
by Tara March 19, 2005

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Pain In The Ass!!!!!!!
My Neighbor Haha
by Tara November 01, 2003

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A boater is someone from the middle east with a thick accent, or shows any other signs of being "fresh of the boat"
Amir is such a boater just look at that chest hair.


Dude he was such a fucking boater i didn't understand a damn thing he said.
by Tara February 20, 2005

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A Low Cost Provider on the "Big Whore Network". Her singing abilities have been compared to Hillary Duff and make our ears want to retreat! She's also the Original Korean.
"If you don't stop acting like that people will think you're a Tava!"
by Tara March 28, 2005

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abbreviation for T_Tizzle; sad
I got run over by a freight train today, tizzle.
by tara August 31, 2003

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