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Impeach the 45th President. When saying "his" name, causes tremendous acid reflux, causing you to throw up a little bit in your mouth, this is a plausible alternative. However, Impeach 45 is only a placebo, and will not remove that bad taste in your mouth. The cure lies in voting during midterm elections.
Impeach TRUM!@#$%... sorry, I character vomited a little. Impeach 45. That's better, but I still don't like the taste.
by superdada July 03, 2018
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If your daddy gets around but keeps it in the family, resulting in brother-cousins, then you’ve gotta distinguish your real brother, who is your brother from the same mother.
My brothers are Jack, Tim, Tony, Andre, Jerry, Thomas, Phil, and Jim... they’re cousins too, except Jim... Jim Is my brother from the same mother.
by superdada February 17, 2018
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The condition upon which one sits on the toilet until their butt turns numb. This condition can travel down your legs if untreated, leaving you with temporary paralysis and unable to avoid all the people you’ve pissed off by hogging the bathroom.
Matt: Where the hell were you and why you walking funny?
Dan: He was in the shitter for an hour and didn’t wash his hands.
Joel: I got butt autism and I need a place to lie down
by superdada March 01, 2018
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Matt: I ain’t go’in to that ball freezing, ice beach, polar bear canoodling, 4th World Country, Canada.
Cheryl: Come on! It’s summertime and besides, they have cheap beer.
Matt: Ok, I’ll get my parka.
Cheryl: Don’t forgot your hat and the bear spray.
by superdada March 29, 2018
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The National Day of support to our 45th president, celebrated every April 1st.
Cheryl: "Happy April Fool's day"
Matt: "...and a happy April, Trump Day, to you too."
by superdada January 31, 2021
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