it bassically means wanker
hey i know that parka
by ryan fooley June 2, 2006
Johns been listening to a lot of oasis recently and bought him self a parka what a parka monkey
by Oasisfan54321 March 29, 2018
The final form of RJ the Alpaca when winter is coming.
Jin: Alpaca paka alcapa alpaca al alca alcapa paca alpaca alpaca parka
by alpacaparka December 27, 2018
A dense ring of hair around the nipples that is so thick that it insulates the nipples and raises overall body temperature. Nipple parkas work up to -40 degrees Celcius.
James has such a nipple parka, his tits look like an eskimo.
by GrenadineGang August 28, 2010
The La Parka is a sexual maneuver in which one person (the giver) anally penetrates his partner (the receiver). He then proceeds to grasp receiver's anus ring and pull it over said receiver's head (like a rain parka). He then dances like former pro wrestler La Parka.
I am sore this morning because my partner blessed me with the La Parka last night. Plus, now I have this handy dandy rain repellent hood.
by La Parka January 19, 2008
One of your awesome ass friends who swims just like you and happens to own a parka. You then send parka selfies to each other and decide to become parka buddies.
Oh my gosh, you have a parka too?!

OMG let's be parka buddies!
OMG that'd be awesome!
Yay I have a parka buddy!
by DeRpHiN December 22, 2013