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Functioning as either a noun or a verb, it is acceptable to use in any context to describe an object or place in the physical world, with the exception of a typewriter. In the verb usage, to be "schranked" implies being fucked with to the nth power.
Noun: "I put my schrank in your bait box."
Verb: "Honey, I schranked the kids!"
by sungodRa April 15, 2008

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the term for all things small and mammal.
Smammals may include rabbits, squirrels, mice, rats, guinea pigs, etc.
by sungodRa April 24, 2008

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similar in meaning to black gold, but instead of referring to crude oil, refers to nacho cheese coming out of the ground.
Person 1: "Have you heard of nacho cheese bubbling out of the ground?"
Person 2: "You mean like 'black gold'?"
Person 1: "No, GOLD gold!"
by sungodRa April 22, 2008

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1. the employment of one of Reeve's techniques in a computer strategy game.

2. a Reeve-style move used in picking up a chick.
1. "You used a reevism against my Teutonic knights you bastard!"

2. "See that girl? She's about to be victim of a reevism."
by sungodRa May 01, 2008

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to suddenly find yourself dating a girl who was more closely "associated" with a reeve prior to her intimacy with you.
"I totally got reeved in that parking lot last night."
by sungodRa April 30, 2008

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