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Something that is sexier than just sexy. It's so sexy, it needs two x's to be defined. :P
1. He is pure sexxiness
2. Omg, that skirt is sexxiness
by Summer April 19, 2005
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Similar to weak or lame

Means that something is a disappointment, not what you expected, a worse situation than you'd wished for.
"You have to work this weekend? That's mersh."
by Summer October 5, 2004
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the epitome of sassiness. The king/queen of the sass game.
Don't you ever sass me, because you KNOW i'm sasspirella!
by Summer November 24, 2004
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Word devised by Janet on Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, meaning the feeling you get when you see someone you love, fancy etc.
^ mentioned all above, nothing more too it
by Summer January 2, 2005
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It's a person who hangs out with preppy people and the rednecks. They dress in their prep clothes sometimes but Wranglers othertimes. They generally aren't one or the other, just both. They fit in with both groups even though preps and rednecks are usually considered opposites.
(none: definition gives examples within itself)
by Summer June 15, 2004
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Wears clothes like khakis or dark jeans and clothes from A-F and AE. Also wears Wranglers sometimes. Justin Boots are sometimes worn as well. Alcohol is often used for recreational purposes.
Female Prepneck
by Summer June 15, 2004
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Prepneck- A person who wears Khaki and/or cargo pants (preferably ragged and must be a shade of brown) and either AE longsleave shirts or t-shirts. Hats to certain colleges worn to ragged appearence also a must. The hats must be worn so much that they are dirty and ragged. Alcohol and marijuana are often used for recreational purposes.
Male Prepneck
by Summer June 15, 2004
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