35 definitions by sum.fukn.dude

Thereds only one Fucking Fool, the devil. The pusdyboy actu as lly thought he could fuck with God's Creation.
by sum.fukn.dude March 10, 2022
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satan, like all pussies
What color is satan on the inside, he's pink on the inside, like all pussies.
by sum.fukn.dude February 26, 2022
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the seed that corrupted humanity's pure God-Like Beauty and brought evil into the World
The pussy dragon sowet his seed on the earth and created evil in humanity. Evil acts come from the seed of the pussy dragon not from God. God is Love!
by sum.fukn.dude March 1, 2022
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I've seen stupid. But my gosh this fukn devils slow slow fukn stupid
by sum.fukn.dude March 4, 2022
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satan, the devil, not God Almighty, eventually powerless on the earth
Why do some people still worship the goat? Easy answer, they haven't met Jesus yet. Good news, the goat will soon be gone and Chfist will rule all the Earth!
by sum.fukn.dude March 1, 2022
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To be honest as much of a pussy as leviathin is, he was a really good bottom fuck
by sum.fukn.dude May 24, 2022
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Half way between being a nk pyssy and a hole , leviathin
Beelzebub, please quit acting important like a pussy / hole, that's leviathin's job
by sum.fukn.dude March 1, 2022
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